Risks, Complications of Breast Implants, Cosmetic Surgery | Breast.is

Cosmetic surgery and the idea of it should be made obsolete. It is vain as a desire. However, a different topic of reconstructive surgery has useful purposes and can be essential.

Cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar business, and cosmetic surgery advocate websites are often written like advertisements that refer to womens’ self-image. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery can lead to or complicate body-dismorphia or the idea of poor self body image. Self-image is about perception, when usually there is nothing wrong to begin with, and self-confidence comes from your mind.


There are risks and complications to any type of cosmetic surgery. Risks include botched operations, and psychological repercussions. The typical maximum lifespan of an implant is up to 15 years, then another surgery has to be done to replace or remove that, but this does not include a large percentage of women who have complications within 5 years of getting implants. There are also risks of silicone or saline bags leaking. There are also inconveniences such as scar tissue that forms around implants, and for some women, difficulties breastfeeding.

These problems are often de-emphasized by its advocates, and complication statistics are not readily made available or are shoved aside. Complication statistics from cosmetic surgery even appear to be under-reported. Botched operations, and psychological repercussions are some of the risks of cosmetic surgery.


Herbal breast enhancement is not popular, and the science about it hasn’t been available. https://breast.is/ebook/herbal-breast-enlargement.pdf tries to prove that breast enhancement can be done non-invasively and nutritionally.

Source: Risks, Complications of Breast Implants, Cosmetic Surgery | Breast.is


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